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Sunday, 1 May 2011

when the rocks are soft | Go to post

I don't feel so good right now. Though my grades are with flying colors, my health is super balanced and there are things before that I thought I couldn't do but now I could, there are still some pieces that are missing in spite of every little achievement I gain. Maybe that's the reason why I still keep on breathing or one thing that wakes me up in the morning and keeps me up in the evening. Still at this point in my life I can't seem to find a way to resolve this conflict 'cause in the first place, I don't know what the conflict really is. Inner conflict? haha Kidding aside, I know for myself that there are still things that I should patch up. Broken relationships of the past (all sorts of relationship), unlearned experiences, unresolved conflicts, unnoticed hatred (could it be possible?) and all that stuff kept on haunting me day by day. Am I dying?? Why do I kept on remembering things like this at this time of my "happy" life? Ugh.

"When the rocks are soft"

Sometimes you'd wish that rocks are soft... so that when you fell on the ground full of rocks, you won't be as hurt as possible. But notice that when a rock turns soft, the road would be slippery and it won't be a big help for the travelers especially when they're on foot. When rocks are soft how can the animals survive when all they depend for shelter are the mighty pillars of the rocks. When it's raining hard, everything will be slippery and there's nothing that your feet could hold on to anymore. Then that's the time you'll think otherwise.

Sometimes we wish for things to be different. We wish to change them in a way that we'll be comfortable and we build our own selfish ways. We want things to go OUR way. We want everything the easy way. We want what we want. But what we don't know is that everything that has been laid out in front of us are all tools for us to become better... even rocks or the most unexpected things. It would all matter on how we live it and on how we look at it.

We have to see things in a different perspective and know how these helps us or not. Sometimes what matters is on how you carry things, not on how things affect you.


Thursday, 28 April 2011

BEGIN AGAIN | Go to post

I don't wanna go bitter and cry over spilled milk with something that i really didn'thave. If it's not for me then why should I waste my time and effort just to put on a good show? :)


Friday, 25 March 2011

The Philippines A Century Hence | Go to post

A Written Report about Rizal’s Essay


In the first few paragraphs of the first part of the essay, particularly the second paragraph, it gave me a sense of historical nostalgia and I was caught up by this: “In order to read the destiny of the people, it is necessary to open the book of its past.” It was a hard-hitting argument, and required a reasonable point of view.

When the natives of the land strive hard in the conquest of the Spanish people, and with the latter succeeds the invasion, when they try to abolish the natives’ form of government, its customs, religion and beliefs, the native people, who is still in the process of change will have no “confidence in their past, without faith in their present and with no fond of hope in the years to come”, the Philippines will be empty, depleted and will slow down.

As a student who studies the life and works of Rizal, we could always see and feel in his writings his fervor in liberating his countrymen towards cruelty and injustices made by the Spanish authorities and the friars. As he compared Spain to a “nurse, who, unable to live elsewhere, desires the eternal infancy, eternal weakness for the child, in order to go on drawing her wages and existing at its expense, it has seen not only that she does not nourish it to make it grow but that she poisons it to stunt its growth and at the slightest protest she flies into a rage!” That’s how Rizal viciously compared Spain to a rotten and worthless nurse. A nurse who should’ve been caring the child and deliberately wants to destroy the child is at the same extracting every little thing from it at its own expense.

From the second part of the essay, Rizal pointed out the answers to the questions: What will become of the Philippines within a century? Will they continue to be a Spanish colony? To a person who is fervent and passionate over the liberty of the country, for those men who are strongly willed to accept any battle for the country’s freedom, the answer would have been easy. Independence is assured; it was merely a question of getting together and making a determination. But for him who is easily despaired and weak in fighting for his own motherland, a person who will just subdue himself, people who, out of ignorance and prudence, makes himself discreet while the invaders are slowly taking over their precious land, is like watching himself die and just accepting the future without fighting for it. Hence, liberation is not achieved.

Rizal’s essay, The Philippines a Century Hence presents a deep-seated prophesy on how the Philippines would be in a century. Rizal presented apparently an idea of how our Motherland will end up centuries later suggesting that our country will end up either in three ways. First, that the Philippines will remain to be a dependent of Spain but will be in good terms with its subjugator; second, that the Philippines will attempt to cut the ties of our native land from it’s subjugator through violent means; and lastly that the Philippines will be colonized by a different country. Rizal’s judgment weren’t based on his imagination. He traveled in different nations and observed keenly their form of government, their way of living and even learned to use their own language in order for him to know the lines of the History of the many nations to come up with his recommendations of how the Philippines would seem to be. With his travels, he saw how the uprising in different countries started and thought that if Spain persists to overlook the cries of its inhabitants, it will come to a point that the oppressed will come into arms to bring back their lost freedom.

In this essay, Rizal uncovered numerous issues that concerned our country. The lack of freedom of the press, the lack of the representation in the Spanish Cortes and the abuse of human rights are the key points argued in the extensive essay of Rizal. For him, the Filipinos must achieve the liberty of the press in order for us to cry out the cruelties of the Spanish government. The Filipinos must also have a representative in the Spanish Cortes to “make known to the government and to the nation whether or not their decrees have been duly obeyed.” Finally, the Filipinos hunt for justice and human rights. Rizal then informed the Spanish government that if the oppression will not come to a stop, the natives will be forced to revolt against them and thereby putting justice into their own hands.

It is clear that Rizal has a strong urge to free his countrymen from servitude and tyranny that no matter what it cost, even if it meant to risk his own life, he knows that it will be all worth it. He will die of dignity because of his love for his country.

“I have always loved my poor country,

and I am sure that I shall love her until death…

Happen what may, I shall die blessing her and

desiring the dawn of her redemption.”

-Jose Rizal

Prepared by:

Shehyll Caress G. Bayog


Monday, 21 February 2011

Anxiety Attack | Go to post

I felt so bad when I heard that he got sick. And even if I'm in the area I didn't have the guts to go to the hospital. Mixed feelings like guilt, sadness and shame was running over me. After all, I having a feeling that I might be one of the factors why he had an anxiety attack which made me guilty even more. Wish he's all better now. Though I know we have some conflict, my care for him won't be taken away just because of that.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Twilight Panic | Go to post

Just saw my "Edward" right after I was thinking of him. I whispered in my mind, "wish to see him today" and I just did! Lol. But it didn't change the nerve-racking thoughts I had last night 'till morning. I hate it when I wake up and THAT thought suddenly pops up from my mind. Ugh!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Forks Avenue | Go to post

The day didn't started out so great. I was lazy to get out of bed 'coz of the silver clouds in the sky and the drizzle that made me wanna curl more in my unwarming and lifeless bed and yet I have to... errands to make, classes to attend to and everything else on the list. The weather makes me wanna melt and just lay down the bed. I'd be so unproductive if this kind of clouds continue to block my sunny day.


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

weird | Go to post

I was being weird today. This morning, I want to walk under the rain and just now, I totally enjoyed the silence -.-


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